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Breast Enlargement Recipe

By a Woman ---- For Women! 

Breast enlargement "secret" is out, and now it's yours. 

The author researched and tested with tremendously successful results. 


Breast enlargement "How-To" manual explains how to make your own breast enlargement/enhancement product. 

It's simple, easy, and very affordable!


A more powerful breast product is now in your own hands. 

Discover the difference quality makes!!! 


Say "goodbye" to spending money buying breast products from various sources.

Say "hello" to the best product possible made by you, always available.


What's in it for you


  • A product that really works

  • Simple instructions

  • The firmness and fullness you want

  • A price that makes you happy


Are you in one or more of these groups? 

  • You want more self confidence with firmer, fuller, larger breasts

  • You want cleavage

  • You feel left out by mother nature when it comes to breast size

  • You have been disappointed with herbal products

  • You lost weight and are left with sagging breasts

  • Your breasts are less than before nursing your child

  • You want to lose weight without losing your breasts

  • You're about to have implant surgery and want to examine options

  • You've had implants and want firmness or roundness in your own tissue

  • You're so unhappy with your breasts that you avoid physical intimacy

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"Breast Enlargement Recipe" simple instructions will show you how to mix your own high quality lotion for breast enlargement/enhancement. 

You've looked for safe options.  Now there's a new option.  You'll combine already manufactured lotion selected from a variety of companies (list is provided) with herbal extracts according to the "Recipe".  It's that easy.  You save money, get a more powerful product and better results.

"Breast Enlargement Recipe" will show you how to benefit from transdermal application, like creams already on the market, but with your own more effective product made with the simple "Recipe".


Your lotion works transdermally, or through the skin, a highly effective method to administer product to specific tissue, your breasts.  Herbal pills and tinctures must first survive the gastrointestinal tract, then further filtering by the liver.  Lotion  applied transdermally goes from your hands directly to your breasts. 


Transdermal application works the same for breasts as it does in patches for birth control, nicotine, appetite suppressants, pain medication, and in creams with cortisone, hormone replacement, and more. 


Simply read the "Recipe", combine lotion and extract in a bottle,

shake to combine, and apply.


Results:  The only way to guarantee specific breast size increase is to have surgery.  Results from herbal capsules and natural herbal product applications are influenced by individual age, heredity, hormone levels, body metabolism, product quality and consistency of product application.  Therefore, we use "average" and "usually" when telling you what to expect.  Average increase is approximately 2.0 cups, with the range usually between about .5 to 3 cups increase. 


If your expectation is to be featured bare breasted in person or in print, or publicly exhibit generous cleavage, it's likely only surgery will fulfill your desires.


However, "Breast Enlargement Recipe" is your best option if you're looking for firmness, fullness, and greater size in your breasts, naturally.  You'll love your results, save money, and avoid the physical pain of surgery. 


"Breast Enlargement Recipe" herbal breast lotion is a superb alternative to surgical breast augmentation.


Product labels from various companies that produce breast enhancement creams or lotions list active and base lotion ingredients. Next time you look at those ingredient labels, notice how little of power herbs you find, the ones you’re going to use in the "Recipe".

If your product could have a label, the herbs would be first in the ingredient list because they would be in greater proportion to other ingredients.  There's no need to purchase outside product when you can make the very best and make it at your preferred price.   

Our goal is to get the best breast enlargement product to you.  The best way to accomplish that is through printed material.   


Who should not use breast enlargement lotion: 

  • Pregnant or lactating women

  • Girls not yet out of puberty

  • Extreme drop (ptosis) may get worse with extra weight from tissue growth


Quick review of popular breast enlargement methods:

  • Plastic surgery:  Surgical augmentation, breast implants - popular, attractive results, expensive, relatively safe in the hands of Board Certified surgeons, variety of sizes from which to choose, not quite real feeling (the saline sac placed on top of muscle feels a little like a water balloon to the fingers), permanent (except after a number of years some may need to be replaced), initially painful (as are all surgeries), and present risk of scarring, ruptures of the implant, adhesions, even complications leading to death. 

  • Herbal capsules:  Much less costly than surgery; size limitations dependent upon individual body; permanent as long as good product is used correctly, works over time, usually 3 - 6 months or more; safe (ask your health care practitioner if you have any concerns).

  • Herbal lotions and creams:  Work the same as herbal capsules, but go directly to the targeted growth site, rather than through the digestive system and liver; size limitations dependent upon individual body; permanent as long as good product is used correctly; works over time, usually 3 - 6 months or more; safe (ask your health care practitioner if you have any concerns).

Old methods to obtain product or service:  Pay a doctor, or pay a company for their own brand of herbal capsules, lotion or cream.


New method:  Mix the ingredients yourself and get the best of the best!


Whether you consider "breast improvement plan" as breast enhancement, breast enlargement, or breast augmentation, you can now skip breast implants, painful plastic surgery or pill taking, and change directions. 


Read the "Breast Enlargement Recipe" where you'll receive instructions:

  • Specific ingredients to use

  • Portion of each ingredient

  • What kind of carrier lotion to use

  • How to be your own "chemist"

  • How to prepare your skin

  • When and how to apply product

  • Breast massage and how to massage

  • How long to use breast lotion

  • What results to expect

  • Motivational tips

  • Exercise tips (exercise does not enlarge breasts)

  • Nutritional tips

  • Going braless

  • Choosing the right bra

  • More (Some have increased firmness in as little as 3 weeks - Will it be you?)













































































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